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To Hear Even Your Cry is the working title for my first novel. I have completed the manuscript, and I am now looking for a literary agent to represent me. 


Imagine a world run by China but in which an overly militarized United States is convinced it's running the world, and you have our present. Add pharmaceuticals that act upon learning and memory and advanced computational modeling of the global economy, and you have the world of my novel. In an insane world, it takes a while to notice the guy with the bio-weapon.


Steve Holmes is losing his mind. His boss—a Chinese bureaucrat whom he thinks is a US general because she appears to him in disguise, as a hologram—doesn’t realize it. The region still known as the US has deployed Chinese mind control drugs.  When the Resistance develops a blocker, the Chinese supply a counter agent, and the voices in Steve’s head urge him to use it to commit mass murder. His Chinese boss and her computer hacker, ex-lover must team up with unlikely allies: the elderly matron of the American Resistance; a hard-drinking virologist with a vendetta against Steve; a drug-addicted entrepreneur turned sex worker; and the hacker’s online crush, a Caribbean middle-manager at Steve’s shipping contractor. Can they stop Steve?



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