The Stories

"To Share the Sky" captured an Honorable Mention in the annual Queer Science Fiction contest and appeared in their anthology Ink, published in August 2021. Flash fiction story about couple's therapy in the era of virtual reality.

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"Two-Mother Embryogenesis Fails to Deliver" appeared in the Queer Science Fiction anthology Innovation, published in August 2020. Science-fiction-humor, flash-fiction story about reproductive technologies and what could go wrong.

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"Crazy Horse's Prodigal Granddaughter" appeared in the January 2020 issue (#87) of Grantville Gazette. This is an alternate history piece where the point of historical divergence is that Crazy Horse isn't murdered, and the protagonist is one of his present-day descendants. The imperial power trying to take over the Lakota Democratic Republic is not the US, but China. To fight this economic imperialism, Ptaysanwee War Eagle, a Ph.D. chemist and biofuels entrepreneur, learns to value her father's traditional ways and the wisdom of her ancestors.

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"Like Him with Friends Possess'd" appeared in the December 2019 issue of Flash Fiction Online. I got the idea for software that operates on social media that turns posts into iambic pentameter, and I couldn't stop laughing about it, so I wrote a story. This is my first story to make any "list"--it hit Tangent Online's 2019 Recommended Reading List. I'm super-proud of that. This one is free online.

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"Kaddish for Stalin" will be published in the anthology Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People, my fifth sale to a pro venue. Set in a Jewish Autonomous Oblast where Stalin's premature death has made the always-proclaimed goal of a center for Yiddish culture and Jewish civilization a reality, in the near-future of climate change and China's emergence as the regional power, a Beijing-based entrepreneur returns home to confront his estranged, staunchly Stalinist father. 


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"The Holo-Punk Sellout Opens a Can of Whoop-Ass" ran in volume 5 of the anthology series  Just a Minor Malfunction, edited by Michael S. Alter. I have a lot of fun goofing around with 1990s slang in this satirical piece. The plutocratic geezer wants a holographic show for his company party based on the music of Rancid, a favorite band from his youth. Krishna knows he's compromised his art, but can he stomach working for this guy?

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"Evidence from the Trial of a Dangerous Man" will run in the third issue of  The People's Preservatory (a title change, as the first two issues ran under the name The Cockroach Conservatory). My fourth announced sale to a pro-venue. This is a second-person, flash fiction piece set in a totalitarian near-future. The Author has written his wife a story, and he wants to read it when he visits her in prison. Will the guard stand in his way? Can the power of storytelling challenge authority?

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"The Bimani Hilton" has been accepted into the anthology Clash of the Titles, edited by Gil Bavel, expected publication in 2020. This was my first sale to a venue paying professional rates. The corporation running the Andes region lures the Resistance Council to a meeting and initiates wiping Kamya's mind. She focuses on her comrade and lover José's last words, attempting to keep mind and memories intact and continue the fight. Will it be enough?


Here's a link to the Facebook page for the anthology. Here's a link to a video recording of the panel at MidAmericon II where Gil and I promoted the anthology. Watch for pre-sales info coming soon.


"I'm Proud of You, Mum" was published in Volume 1 of the anthology series Mind Candy, edited by Alvin Mullen, in February 2018: my second sale to a pro venue. When Nigel is working late, optimizing the design of a robot that can transcribe human thought into text typed on a keyboard, he receives a mysterious message. Is it really from the future? And can he patch things up with his former employer, a virology professor at Cambridge University, who recently fired him and walked away from their marriage?


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"Crossing the Boundaries of Virtual Jerusalem" was published in the anthology HOLY COW: SF Stories from the Center of the World, edited by D. Avraham, in July 2019: my third sale to a pro venue. After buying my story, the editor tabbed me to help with some of the duties involved in getting this out the door, so my name appears on the cover as co-editor. Young people are disappearing from both the Palestinian and Jewish sectors of Virtual Jerusalem. One of them is Commissioner ibn Ali's son. To get to the bottom of this, he'll need to run a spy, and Yossi is the best, but can he pull off the required deception? And what is his motive?

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"I, Robocall" ran in issue #210 of AntipodeanSF, published January 2, 2016. I also recorded an audio version for their radio show in New South Wales, Australia, and archiving on the website as a podcast. In a world in which jobs don't exist to employ most people, what is life like for an artificial intelligence tasked with cold calling potential customers for a company that sells burglar alarms? Flash fiction humor piece.


Link to story (free online). Podcast


"Salvation Sellers' Last Customer" was published in Nebula Rift, Volume 3, Issue 3 (April 2015). Hardboiled private eye Joshua Davidson wants the world's greatest conman, who uses artificial intelligence to impersonate a Biblical Prophet, off his back; Elijah wants to help Josh communicate with women he's loved.


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"The Traitor's Last Words" was published in Digital-SF, Volume 2 (January, 2015). This one combines alternative history with hard SF. Contemporary genomics develops in Nazi Germany.


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"A Difficult Transition" was published in Nebula Rift, Volume 3, Issue 8 (September 2015). Sure, Americans accepted a robot as President, but what about a truly radical choice? Flash fiction humor piece.Unfortunately, went out of business, leaving this story unavailable, so I've put it on my site as a freebie.


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"The Fundamental Things Apply" was published by Melange Press in the anthology From Florida with Love: Sunsets and Happy Endings (June 2014). The story is a fusion of equal parts hard SF, spy story, humor and geek romance. The Islamic Caliphate of North Africa (and note, I published this story three weeks before ISIS proclaimed its Caliphate--they were clearly infringing on my copyright) sends Ali Acharya, ultra-nerdy Indian agriculture engineer turned freelance spy and bioterrorist, to acquire mini-drone technology from American Homeland Corporation. Coming back alive was not required by his contract. Nor was falling in love. The anthology is a diverse collection of stories by our local writers group that all had to be set in Southwest Florida and contain a sunset, a beach and a pink flamingo. The stories mostly have some tie to romance; in mine, it's a subplot.


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"Caliban's Cameras" was sold to Stupefying Stories, but no publication date has been announced as of yet. Back in October, the editor, Bruce Bethke, best known for inventing the word cyberpunk in one of his early 1980s stories, told me it was going in the November 2016 issue. The October issue came out. I'm hoping November will come this spring (or summer, or fall... ). Recently (2021), the editor confirmed that he does intend to publish it, probably in the next issue. This story has a cyberpunk feel with some William S. Burroughs thrown in. A comment on the educational dystopia that resulted from No Child Left Behind.


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"She Tasted Salt" was published by Melange Press in the anthology From Florida with Love: Sunrise and Stormy Skies (August 2016). A fusion of paranormal romance and psychological horror. The protagonist is a homeless young woman living on Fort Myers Beach, braving a hurricane, who encounters a dolphin that transforms into a man who might be the man of her dreams. Or nightmares. The anthology is Volume 2 for our local writers group. This time, we required that stories contain a sunrise and a hurricane, while maintaining the Southwest Florida setting.


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