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Where to Find Me at Readercon

I figured I’d do this as a blog post as then I can link to it from all of my social media. This is in a little over a week—I’m very much psyched for it. If you’ll be there, please seek me out and say “hi.” Here’s my schedule:

Thursday, July 13, 8 PM, Salon B, Speculative Medicine panel. I’m moderating this one. My co-panelists are Anatoly Belilovsky, Arula Ratnakar, Elizabeth Bear, and Eric Schaller.

Description: Some science fiction has handheld machines that can uncrack ribs and unburst blood vessels. In the right kind of fantasy, injury can be resolved with literal handwaving. When everything that's imaginable is possible, to what literary ends can writers manipulate the existence and nature of healing tools and practices in their fictions?

Friday, July 14, 7 PM, Salon 3, Biology for Speculative Xenobiologists panel. Moderator is Eric Schaller and co-panelists are Andrea Kriz, Arula Ratnakar, and David DeGraff.

Description: Aliens from other worlds are often portrayed as humans with a few physical quirks; yet many of the animals who live in our waters, on the ground, or in the sky are weirder than almost anything science fiction authors have imagined. When imagining what's possible in a vast and unfathomable universe, what extremes of difference should writers know exist in their terrestrial backyard?

Friday, July 14, 10:30 PM, Salon 4, Meet the Pros(e). This is three, fifteen-minute, small group discussions with other authors at the conference. The list of the 28 others participating is definitely enough to elicit imposter syndrome—it includes many fabulous writers.

Saturday, July 15, 8 PM, Salon B, Writing Pandemics and Other Apocalypses in Light of Covid-19 panel. I’m moderating this one. My co-panelists are Anatoly Belilovsky, Shariann Lewitt, and Sunny Moraine.

Description: Pandemics, like other apocalypses, have always been here, but the scale of COVID-19 is unmatched in living memory. How has the experience of the last three years affected our understandings of pandemics and apocalypses more generally? What aspects have writers already incorporated in or responded to in fiction, and what aspects do writers predict will shape fiction in the future, perhaps in unexpected ways?

Sunday, July 16, 11 AM, Salon C, Reading: Allan Dyen-Shapiro. Hey, that’s me. And they’re giving me half an hour. If you are kind enough to show up on the last morning of the conference for an author reading, you deserve to have fun. I’m going to read a comic fantasy short story that is, as of now, slated to be published in on July 7. I figured that would be a better choice than one of my darker pieces. It’s called “Magic Notwithstanding, The Family Lawyer Does as Instructed.” My attorney protagonist must distribute the assets from a will to the heirs. One of the assets is a rather snarky genie.

In addition to this stuff, I will also be at the Codex meet-ups. I will be getting to the conference Wednesday afternoon and not flying out until Monday morning.

Although this is my second Readercon, my first was last year when everything was virtual because of Covid. So, will you be able to find me in “green rooms”? At late-night parties? Honestly, I have absolutely no idea, so if you’re there, and you don’t have my phone number, use social media to message me, and we’ll meet up.

Boston, here I come!

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